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The Know How

Founded with a team of skilled technicians, our Italian headquarters handles all aspects of the construction of the SWM motorcycle range.

From engine to chassis and from electronics to style; everything is designed internally with precision and attention to detail. Experienced Italian workers with a 360° know-how carry out design, research and development, extensive product testing and quality control and finally motorcycle production and distribution.

Research and development

researchanddevelopment SWM maintains an advanced research and development department that houses the competent and creative talents of their team. R&D is the cornerstone of SWM Motorcycles and is based on, amongst other things, the hard earned experience gained in competitive off-road motorsport.

Test benches

The monitoring of performance and reliability of parts made by SWM engineers are supported by state-of-the-art testing benches. These dynamic facilities track all essential components from start to finish in the manufacturing cycle and include:
  • Competition engines
  • Chassis
  • Homologation
  • Pollution controls
  • Advanced braking systems
  • Quality and certification

Quality control

The SWM goal is not only to manufacture motorcycles, it is also to produce them with the passion that surrounds other brands in competitive sport and to satisfy the clients expectations. Tthe 'Quality Control' department carefully supervises the highly specialised process that requires specialist knowledge and specific tools. Controls are in place during each step of the testing process to maintain a consistent level of quality during the manufacture of SWM motorbikes.

Assembly plant

The motorcycles are assembled in SWM's modern and flexible assembly plant. The plant has been designed to ensure maximum reliability and the highest efficiency standards. Deep technical knowledge and advanced Italian manufacturing has allowed us to be competitive in the market in a short time frame.