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SWM History

In the early seventies during the 'Endurance Races', these fabulous Italian 4-stroke bikes started to struggle competing against the more powerful foreign 2-stroke.

To face this emerging rivalry, two riders and friends with the same passion for 'off-road' competitions decided to build their own motorcycle, establishing SWM, which stands for 'Speedy Working Motors.

In the Rivolta d’Adda headquarters, three models were created; 50cc, 100cc, and 125cc, all with Sachs engines. On their racing debut, they conquered prestigious finishes, impressing the audience with their technical features such as a never before seen rectangular sectioned fork for the modern design characterised by the 'Amaranth Chassis' and not forgetting the silver accessories that lasted for a long time in the hearts of SWM fans everywhere.


In their international debut in Spain in 1971, during a race of the European Championships, Pierluigi Rottigni finished second in the 125cc class and Giuseppe Signorelli finished third in the 100cc class on SWM motorcycles. Since that first appearance, SWM have stood for competitiveness that allowed them to collect prestigious successes in off-road competitions lasting for well over a decade.

A collection of Palmares titles followed, including the Italian Motocross 125 title that was won the following year by the Italian rider Afro Rustignoli and the bronze medal in the European 125 Endurance class by Rottigni. These victories boosted the new Italian company. More victories followed on the SWM Palmares with the conquering of the Six Days Silver Vase, the European Endurance and Kart titles, a Trial world title and several Trial and Motocross national titles, with a sixth place in Motocross 250 class in 1981.