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The Design

Exploration of the newest style concepts using advanced hardware and software instruments, SWM design is evident deep inside the Centrostile.

Sketching and painting, CAS moulding, hard and clay moulding, 3D printers and wood modelling machines are all part of the system that allows the SWM in-house team to manage every step of the initial draw to the definitive maquette.

Garnering inspiration from brand traditions and the original style that made the brand famous in the past, the exclusive designs of the new SWM motorcycles is clean, flowing, functional and light.


The Silver Vase model, icon of the seventies, is equipped with the original trapezoidal petrol tank, but restyled with a modern flavour.

Particular care has been taken with the colour choices available, the design of bike graphics and materials research; the goal of which was to create a connection with the traditional models whilst maintaining a modern 'family-feel'.